Hey, I’m Dan and I LOVE FISHING!

I live in Winnebago County in Wisconsin and it is a pretty awesome location for freshwater fishing. Not only am I less than 2 hours from Lake Michigan, I’m also smack dab in the middle of the Lake Winnebago system. In the warmer months, I get out on the local lakes or rivers as often as possible. You can see from the image, flathead catfish is one of the amazing predators living in our waters.
large flathead catfish caught on rod and reel from boat
large Wisconsin northern pike caught ice fishing
Although I don’t get out as often as I did in my younger days when responsibilities were less, I still enjoy a day ice fishing. Given that it isn’t something everyone in this world can do, it’s quite a unique experience. I’m thankful that I get to experience it every time I venture out. The fish posted here is a Wisconsin northern pike. The fish was caught in February, near the end of our ice fishing season. The ice was over 16 inches thick at this time, plenty to drive a full size pickup truck out on.
As I grow this blog, you will find a ton of articles that are packed with tips based on my personal knowledge. There may even be tips from other fisherman in the future. Hopefully, this blog will help you haul in catches like the ones shown on this website. Another type of content will be product reviews. These will generally link out to a place where you can purchase the product if you choose. As an Amazon affiliate, I will earn from your purchase through the Amazon Affiliate Program. This is at no cost to you!
a days catch of panfish and walleye